In 1989 the second generation of Chowns Sons decided to enter into a business venture. Chowns Fabrication & Rigging was born. A fabrication company devoted to supplying a complete steel package. The Chowns brothers leased a small metal building that came with a 1968 Chevy pick-up truck, which soon became Chowns Fabrication & Rigging’s first work vehicle. Chowns Fabrication & Rigging soon grew out of its 2000sqft leased facility in East Norriton, PA.

In 1992 with growth of the company constantly expanding, the third generation of Chowns sons entered the scene. This also required more property which resulted in the acquisition of 5 acres of property in Skippack, PA. This would serve as Chowns Fabrication & Rigging’s true home. In that year a 10,000sqft shop was erected with its office and headquarters attached.

In 2004 Chowns Fabrication & Rigging had yet another need for expansion and decided to purchase another 5 acre parcel directly attached to the rear of the existing property. At this point, Chowns was poised for its next ten years of business. This year Gateway Project Management was given its home.

Right around 2006 Chowns Fabrication & Rigging had the opportunity, sooner than expected, to purchase another property to house its Miscellaneous Division, “Chowns Specialties”. A 5 acre parcel in Trumbauersville, PA was purchased. This property included a 6000sqft shop fully equipped to tackle any Miscellaneous Metals project that arose. Chowns Fabrication & Rigging and its other entities were growing so fast it only made sense to create “The Chowns Group”, which would function as the parent company over all the different entities.

In 2008 Fred Chowns, President, decided to pass the torch to his two sons to run the company for the next 20 years. The first decision by the new leadership was made to create several new entities, High Reach Equipment & Tools, GPM Recycling & Materials and GPM Excavating & Paving. Later in 2008 we also entered into a merger acquisition deal with a fabricator in Dover, Delaware.

Going into the future The Chowns Group now has its cards dealt to be a competitor in the tri-state area. Bidding and completing work in 3 states with a combined workforce of 115 men, in three different plants and a combined shop area of more than 35,000sqft.